Scar of Destiny

Steve does not know the origin of the scar on his arm.

Character Level Special Ability
1st: Rune of Obedience
4th: Endurance
5th; Rune of Razing
6th: Diehard
9th: Survivor
10th: Rune of Resistance
11th: Heroic Recovery
14th; Heroic Defiance
15th: Rune of Contigency
16th: Stalwart
19th: Improved Stalwart
20th: To The Last


This scar appears on specific individuals at birth, or as a result of powerful but unexplained magical confluences. Anyone with this mark is un-tethered from reality, and might step out of existence at any moment for indeterminate periods—possibly forever. All of that individual’s possessions vanish with him, though occasionally specific items—seemingly of the mark bearer’s choosing—are left behind. When and if an individual reappears, he is unharmed and has no knowledge of where he was, and only a vague idea of how much time has passed. Such individuals typically reappear near others who bear the mark.

Rune of Obedience (Ex): Designed as a foolproof means of ensuring absolute loyalty, even from those ordinarily immune to compulsion and mind-affecting magic, this rune is infused with a single specific prohibition when first inscribed. This prohibition must be stated in 10 words or fewer and the bearer must agree to it of his own free will. From then on, if the bearer breaks this prohibition, he is afflicted with searing pain, taking a –4 penalty on attack rolls, skill checks, and ability checks for as long as he is in violation of the prohibition and for 5 minutes thereafter. This rune affects any creature who agrees to bear it.

Rune of Razing (Su): This rune grants the bearer the ability to ignore hardness and damage reduction for 5 rounds per day. Its activation is a free action, and the rounds need not be used consecutively.

Rune of Resistance (Su): This rune grants the bearer resistance 10 to Fire and Cold.

Rune of Contingency (Su): Once per day, the bearer of this rune can gain the effects of the spells feather fall and water breathing. In addition, if he is reduced to 0 or fewer hit points and is not killed, he fades in and out of the ethereal plane as per the spell blink for 5 rounds. He remains conscious during this time, but after 5 rounds the effect ends and is unconscious and dying.

Scar of Destiny

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